When it comes to presents, men are notoriously hard to buy for. There’s bound to be some biological reason but instead of diving into a science lesson here, let’s just state the facts and move on. When faced with the task of shopping, men will go to the store and just buy almost any random item. So where does this leave you during the holidays? Stuck, that’s where. Luckily All-South Subcontractors is here to help with six Christmas gift ideas for the man who has everything.


  1. Adventure

For the man who already has everything, give him an experience! Whether your guy is an adrenaline junkie or someone who’d rather assess the situation before taking any risk, there is a ton of adventure out there in which to take part. Take him zip-lining or indoor skydiving. Send him and some friends for a weekend of white water rafting or rock climbing. Take the family for a night in an escape room and let him pick the theme. And the end of the day, he’ll get a thrill and have memories that last a lot longer than any tie.

  1. Game or Concert Tickets

In fact, memories are really the best gift but cater the present to your guy. Does he have a favorite sports team or musician? Then give him a night on the town with game or concert tickets! While this is something he might buy for himself at times, it’s still a treat and the day will be so much sweeter when provided by you.

  1. Personalized Pocket Knife

Any prepared man carries a pocketknife. They can never have too many and when taken care of, knives last forever. Because of their longevity and significance in a man’s life, pocketknives often hold sentimental value. Give him a knife he’ll want to hold on to and have it personalized for that extra touch. Have his initials engraved on the blade or a special message put on the backside. It’s a gift that is practical, special and useful all at once.

  1. Work Bench

For the man who has everything, give him a place to put it all! A workbench is a great catch-all for the shop or garage. The drawers and cabinets give him space to store tools and supplies, while the worktop lets him keep projects contained to one area. Many will also include a power strip so even the power tools can be used without having to move. The cork backboard allows for an area to hang things.

  1. Patent Print

While a home accessory—or decoration for lack of a better word—may seem like an odd gift for your man, a patent print is unique. If your guy loves to know how things work, he’ll really appreciate this present. Pick an object he uses on a daily basis or just really likes, and gift him with a print of the patent application. The look is industrial enough to be manly, while the sketches give it a simplistic beauty that will fit in any home or office.

  1. Train Ride

The little boy that still exists inside of every man will thrill at the idea of a train ride. Find a steam locomotive in your area and book an afternoon ride on the rails. Many include meals or a stopover in towns for lunch. If you really want to make the day unique, look into murder mystery train rides. It will be your own experience on the Orient Express and one you won’t soon forget.


Don’t stress yourself out running from store to store looking for a gift he might not even like. Instead, choose from these six Christmas gift ideas for the man who has everything and you’re sure to put something under the tree that he’ll talk about for years to come. And don’t forget about All-South Subcontractors the rest of year, here to help with any project around the home.


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