Gulf-Coast living is a wonderful thing. The weather is mild, the breezes stir the air, life is slow and easy. That is, until hurricane season. Then things change. As storms form, people begin to think about protecting their assets and their lives. Your building protects your assets.


Commercial Roofing: Some Things You Should Know

Yes, it matters what type of roofing you put on your commercial building. When you consider the building type and class,the outside elements, fire-resistance, and energy-efficiency, the material you use to build your roof makes all the difference. Below we dive into the complex world of commercial roofing and simplify a few key terms:

8 Questions To Ask Your Potential Commercial Roofer

Your building is not just an asset of importance. The things inside; your people and equipment, are important. Protecting them is vital, and the roof is key to that security.

5 Reasons All-South Subcontractors Should Be Your Commercial Roofer

Hiring a commercial roofer is an important decision. Hiring the best one in the industry can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a new roof, or a simple repair it’s crucial that you hire the right company.

5 Reasons Your Flat Roof is Leaking in Birmingham, Alabama

If you discover a leak in the roof of your building, you should act fast. Water leaks can turn into a costly problem. Leaky roofs can cause structural damage on several levels of your commercial property.

3 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected

The number one reason for costly roof repairs is neglect. Like any other part of your commercial building, the roof requires ongoing inspections and maintenance to ensure that it is in peak condition throughout the year.

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