3 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected

The number one reason for costly roof repairs is neglect. Like any other part of your commercial building, the roof requires ongoing inspections and maintenance to ensure that it is in peak condition throughout the year. If you have not given your roof a proper evaluation in the last few years, then now is the time to hire a professional to have it checked out. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is important for several reasons. Below we list three of the most important:

Energy Efficiency

Your commercial roof is on the front lines of protecting your building from the outside elements. Roofs shield commercial structures from UV rays, summer heat, rain, high winds, and debris. Without a solid roof to act as a defense the building’s interior may suffer from an inefficient room environment.

For instance, your air conditioner is designed to operate under ideal conditions. If sunlight and heat are allowed to penetrate through the roof, then the HVAC system may have to work harder to produce the same results under normal conditions. This leads to higher energy bills and can cost your business more money annually.

Costly Roof Repairs and Replacement

More than 80 percent of all commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. When it comes to reactive maintenance costs, the average roof owner will pay 25? per square foot and anywhere from $500 - $1000 in labor in ongoing repairs. To put into perspective, a 10,000 square foot roof will cost a property owner $2500 per year in building supplies. Add another $1000 and you’re looking at $3500 per year in repairs.

By contrast, preventative maintenance will cost up to 50% less than reactive maintenance (i.e. costly repairs). It takes less time, effort, and cash to keep problems from occurring than it does to take care of them once they occur. Where does all this begin? It starts with a simple inspection that will catch the small normal issues before they turn into big expensive problems.

Warranties, Insurance, and Market Value

Three things guarantee the integrity of your commercial property: The building’s warranty, the insurance coverage and conditions, and the building’s overall market value.

Warranty A roof’s warranty is only covered if the roof’s structure continues to meet the warranty conditions. Keep in mind that warranties have to cover both materials and installation. Routine inspections can reveal any weaknesses in the roof that might fall short of the warranty. A roofing contractor can point out any components on the roof that are not meeting warranty stipulations.

Insurance Coverage It is important to document every detail of inspections and maintenance that goes on in the roofing system over the years. This can be invaluable when you go to file an insurance claim.

Market Value If you decide to sell your commercial property down the road, then you can expect an appraisal and inspection of the building. The overall condition of the roofing system will be one of primary factors in determining whether someone will purchase the property.

Do You Have Questions About Your Commercial Roof?

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