4 Ways to Ensure Proper Drainage of Your Commercial Flat Roof

If the roof on your commercial property is not properly draining, then multiple problems can arise. Issues can range from sagging roofs and torn seams to leaks that run through the surface and into the building. Properly implementing a draining system can help keep your roof dry and give it longer life.


The purpose of gutters is to both capture water as it drains towards the edge of the roof and channel it away from the base of the building. This reduces the possibility of flooding, standing water, or splashing that can cause water stains against the outer wall. When having your gutters professionally installed, you need to be strategic as to where you want the water to be channeled. It needs to be an area around the building where water can flow freely away from the property.

Inner Drains

Although some residential properties have internal drains, they are usually designated for commercial or industrial buildings with larger, more complex roofing systems. Inner drains are installed in target areas of the roof such as the center area where water could gather. The drains are connected to pipes that drain the water throughout the roof. The purpose of the inner drain is to keep water away from the walls or the foundation of the building. Since the pipes are run through the building, they will not freeze up like drains or gutters on the outside. This option also provides a more appealing look to the building since they are concealed.


Scuppers are easily the most affordable and customizable way to drain water from the roof. A scupper is an opening in the roofing system that allows water to run through the roof by way of a metal box connected to a piping system. In some cases the metal box is open and allows water to drip. Scuppers allow water to shoot out farther from the building instead of running down the side. Once installed, they require virtually zero maintenance and will last a long time without rusting or corroding.

Freeze Protection

Pipes, drains, gutters, and downspouts can all freeze up during the winter. When ice dams form along the edge of the roofing system, the water has nowhere to go. The result is damage to the drains or gutters. The best solution is to implement heating cables along the edge of the roof or throughout the drainage areas. Be careful to keep the cables from being immersed in water. They do not operate well when submerged.

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