Your building, whether it is a home or business, is the shelter that protects your other assets. As such, you want to keep it in the best possible condition. One of the most important parts of the building is the topmost portion, which handles everything that Mother Nature can throw at it. We often talk about roofing materials, but today, we want to discuss the next layer down: the insulation. There are many reasons that you need to maintain adequate insulation under your roof:

  • CLIMATE CONTROL: Insulation works in two ways to benefit your building. In the winter, it keeps heat in the building as it seeks to rise out, thus allowing you to keep spaces warm with less cycling of the furnace. In the summer, it stops the heat from getting in so that you can maintain a cooler inside temperature. We all know how hot a building can become with no insulation on the roof. While all insulation is important to the heat retention of your building, it may be true that your roofing insulation is most critical.
  • ENERGY COSTS decline as the climate control becomes easy and the AC/heater units cycle less frequently.
  • CONDENSATION won’t accumulate as the temperature differential isn’t as great when there is a good insulative barrier. Condensation forms when there is a large difference in temperature between two sides of a surface. If heat is kept in the lower areas of the building, then the temperature outside and inside the roof should be within a closer range of each other, therefore hampering the accumulation of condensation.
  • NO ICE DAMS form on the roof as the heat from below is kept off the roof. We realize that not all our customers live in snow regions. However, those customers may still get snow or ice occasionally. If ice or snow piles up on the roof and comes into contact with underside warm temperatures, you could have a potentially dangerous situation with slide-offs.  If there is property below, or perhaps a person, there could be serious damage.
  • MOLD AND MILDEW PREVENTION is a given when moisture and condensation are controlled or eliminated altogether. Both of these nuisances need a warm, wet environment. Not only are they visually unappealing and odorous, but they also pose health issues. Many people react to allergies of mold. Some forms are not difficult to eradicate, but others require professional treatment, including abatement and cleaning. This can be tedious and expensive.  You are far better off to control the moisture in the correct ways and avoid the problem from the get-go.
  • FIRE RESISTANCE, while not a main reason to insulate, is an additional bonus. Insulation is fire retardant.
  • INSURANCE rates may be eligible for a discount by adding insulation to the building. Call and ask. This may be especially true if there are additional fire-retardant features.
  • RESALE values increase when the building is well insulated and the utility bills are lowered and stable. Insulation is a definite selling point, as is the stability of the building temperatures.

If you think your insulation may be lacking, give All-South Subcontractors a call today to perform an inspection!

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