While we strongly advocate for roof maintenance and show you how taking care of your current roof is a great investment that often lengthens the life of your roof, it is also true that at some point your roof will near the end of its useful life.

When it gets to that time, there are considerations that can possibly save you money. Here are a few ways that may happen.
YOUR OLD ROOF’S MAINTENANCE WAS BEGINNING TO COST A GOOD DEAL OF MONEY. Materials will naturally break down over time, and as time passes, more money is spent on controlling the inevitable breakdown of your roof structure. When this occurs, you need to begin planning to invest in a new roof. This swings the pendulum back to a high installation cost and extremely low maintenance costs for many years.
YOUR ROOF MAY BE AT THE POINT WHERE A STRONG WEATHER EVENT COULD CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR OTHER ASSETS. If you are between the suggested timeframe of getting a new roof and your funds are just becoming available for the new installation, you have to be aware that a storm of great proportions could damage not only your current roof but those investments which are protected by it. If you have machinery and products which are undercover, it is important to keep them that way. Plan ahead to get that new roof put on before it becomes a race against time and Mother Nature.
NEW TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION MEAN THAT YOU MAY GET A BETTER ROOF FOR LOWER COST. As materials and installation processes continue to improve, you may find that the roofs available today are dramatically better than what was available in the past. Roof lifetimes have increased to as much as fifty years, and with good maintenance, your roof may outlive you. It is not crazy to think that you may only buy one more roof for your building in your lifetime. The durability of materials has also increased and today’s roofs are able to remain strong in severe weather.
INSURANCE RATES MAY DECREASE WITH THE NEW ROOF. It is possible that your new roof may bring a decrease in insurance costs.
OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL YEARS, YOU WILL RECOUP SOME OF THE COST OF A NEW ROOF WITH MAINTENANCE SAVINGS. You will still want to have a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, but you can assume that the new roof will not have high maintenance costs like the older one. It should be several years before your new roof will see wear and tear, excluding weather events.
If you are considering a new roof or have been advised that yours is nearing its end, please give All-South Subcontractors a call. Our commitment to providing the highest quality workmanship and timely performance along with a promise to personally satisfying the needs of each and every customer stands strong. Visit us online at or call us in Mobile/Spanish Fort at (251) 621-8450 or in Birmingham at (205) 836-8111.

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