TIME SINCE YOUR LAST INSPECTION is a major consideration. Regular inspections are key to stretching the life of your commercial roof. If you can add an extra ten years by taking care of your investment, why not do so? The cost of maintenance is minimal when compared to the cost of replacement. Most rooftops need at least a yearly inspection, so you may want to consider a maintenance plan to assure that the roof is inspected and any issues are addressed.

THE AGE OF YOUR ROOF: comes into play here. If it’s newer and you start conducting yearly inspections now, you will be able to address small signs of wear before they become problems. The inspection records will show areas that need to be monitored maintenance plans as needed. As it ages, things such as settling of the building may affect it. Our professional teams know exactly what the issues are with each type of roof and are aware of the problems specific to them. Various types of roofs have different life spans, too, and may begin to break down. We can tell you when to start planning for a replacement.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE: may have been foregone in the past, causing those smaller symptoms to become full-blown problems. By starting to address any hitches now, you may be able to correct the problems and still get many good years of use out of your roof.

WEATHER ISSUES: play a huge part in the health of your rooftop. Have an inspection done before the harsh weather begins. If it is an eventful season, another inspection may be needed at the close of the year. Some types of roof handle wind better than others, while others are stars at repelling huge quantities of water, but may not be as great on the wind factor. An inspection before hurricane or tornado season begins may allow us to repair or strengthen weak areas before they sustain further damage.

DEBRIS: that has accumulated over time may cause long term damage if not cleaned up. While not necessarily a weather issue, it is true that heavy winds may play a part in debris finding its way to your roof. Large items such as branches can do a fair amount of damage.

WARRANTY: specifications may require that inspections be done on a regular basis to keep the protection in force.

INTERIOR: SIGNS such as wet spots, puddles, or drips are indicators that an inspection is crucial.

Market Value If you decide to sell your commercial property down the road, then you can expect an appraisal and inspection of the building. The overall condition of the roofing system will be one of primary factors in determining whether someone will purchase the property.

Your roof protects your assets, employees, and investments. As such, it merits the best care you can give it. Regular inspections by our skilled roof team will keep you apprised of the current condition and foreseeable issues of your roof. You will be able to prolong the life of your roof and plan ahead for the next one when the time comes.

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