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man on commercial roof

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All South Sub Contractors New Construction

Our crews have built a reputation for top notch service in the roofing industry. Anywhere you ask in the Southeast, you will hear about All-South Sub. We have won several awards and we work hard to keep our reputation solid and growing. Since 1976 when we installed Alabama’s first single-ply roof, we have put on over 70 million square feet of single-ply roofing membrane. In 1989, we added another method to our offerings: built-up roofing. If you need a commercial roof installed, we have the knowledge and experience to do it right!

Investing in a new building is a huge undertaking. Not only are you footing the cost of the actual building, but you will have some sort of investment in the contents. Whether you desire a warehouse, factory, office building, or some combination of the afore-mentioned, your building is front-line protection from the elements. It keeps your machinery and personnel out of the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other environmental flare ups. Machinery which is wet rusts. Papers which are wet smear. And employees who get wet shiver and complain. Your roof is important!

In new construction, your architect has probably designed your building including the roof system. As the most experienced roofing contractor in the southeast, you can trust us to install your project seamlessly. If there is an issue with your design, we will bring that to your attention immediately, and help you weigh our information before diving into the project. Because we have worked on every type of installation and are familiar with the issues arising from every roof concept, we can help you from beginning to end. You can trust that when our crews show up on site, your roof is going to be done with an experienced crew whose focus is customer satisfaction. Every job we arrive on is a new chance to build a life-long relationship with a client. Although many companies hold this view in upper management, it is rare to find a contractor with this level of initiative from top to bottom. Our crews contain some of the best roofers in the industry, and each team has many years of combined experience. Our goal of hiring the best has paid off every time we roll a crew to a job, and you will certainly benefit when we do your new roof.

Once your building is complete, you need to think about protecting your investment. Our inspections and maintenance, beginning soon after completing your roof, will extend the life of your system many times over. Finding the first signs of a problem changes the game completely, when compared to options available years down the road as buckets contain water that is coming through at weakened points above. By finding signs of accumulation or weakened material early, you may never see the first drop of water below. You may never face extensive repair bills. And, you may never look at a replacement in your lifetime. Roofs which are inspected and maintained well do often outlast the builder. Water isn’t the only threat. High winds, sometimes seen with hurricanes, tropical storms, and even tornadoes, can also do quick damage to your commercial roof. Again, our inspections, done soon after such an event, will catch any issues early on and remedy them before they become a serious expense. Inspections and maintenance pay for themselves many times over in the extension of your timeline to replacement. As an added benefit, if you work with us to tailor a maintenance contract specific to your needs, you won’t have to worry about scheduling an inspection or having someone walk the roof looking for issues. We will simply take care of it for you, issue a report of our findings, and remedy any issues after discussion.

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