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man on commercial roof

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All South Sub Contractors Re-Roofing

All-South Subcontractors began in 1957 as an acoustic tile and drywall contractor. We installed our first roof in 1976. In fact, it was the first rubber roof in the state of Alabama, and we have been leading the way ever since. We have built a solid reputation as a premiere roofer in the south-east region of the United States.

Since that first roof, technology has changed many times, with improvements and options benefitting the building owner. New materials and application techniques have changed the game. Those early roofs are now nearing the end of their life expectancy, and we are getting calls to discuss re-roofing those buildings. With the technology we have now, this replacement roof will last you many years.

Why is this important? There are many considerations when re-roofing a building. The old method is key to what may be done next. There are methods which don’t mesh well, and using the wrong technique may spell disaster. Our experience with the various roofs over the years means that we have a solid grip on re-roofing your building. We know the old system, and we know the new system. Our crews have many years of experience. The effort we make to hire and retain these workers pays off for us every day. It will for you as well. When our trucks roll in, you know you are getting the best team in the industry, and that your work is going to be performed accurately and efficiently.

When you call us, we will do a thorough inspection on site. We will show you the best option for your situation. Questions will be completely answered, and only then will the work begin.

Products available today are amazing, and your next roof should outlast you, the owner. Your building is not just an asset. It houses and protects the really important things. Whether you have a warehouse full of inventory, a manufacturing facility processing products, or an office building with employees tending to the daily affairs of your business, the shell surrounding them is important. The roof on that shell keeps out rain, snow, wind, sun, and any other natural element which may turn a good day into a not so good one. Protecting your real business means that your roof has to stay in great shape.

There are many options for your roof. Whether we suggest a new roof overlay, or a complete tear-off and installation will depend on the type of roof you currently have, any structural damage which might not support the weight of an added roof, possibility of attachment, and any code requirements concerning overlaying a second roof surface. Once these factors are addressed, we will know how to proceed.

In general, a tear off and installation of a new roof is the best recommendation. This removes the possibility of issues between the two installations. It absolves the weight issue, and it gives you a completely new roof to last the duration. In some cases, we may recommend a partial or full overlay. We will only suggest this if we feel you can benefit from it with optimum performance.

Either way, our goal is durability. Roofs in this region of the country are subject to some violent storms, tropical winds, hurricanes, and in some areas, tornadoes. Wind resistance is better with some systems than others. Torrential rains may come along with those winds. We want to be sure your new roof system can handle the water, direct it quickly away, and keep your property dry.

Once we replace your roof, we would like to inspect and maintain the new roof on a regular basis, to extend the life of the installation. It has been shown repeatedly that regular maintenance will multiply the years of service by a factor of up to seven times. Wouldn’t you love to turn your twenty-year roof into a lifetime roof? Let us work with you to make that happen. Regular inspections will catch the little issues before they ever become big issues. Regular maintenance keeps everything in top shape.

We know roofs, and we know weather. Give All-South Subcontractors a call today, and let us work with you to ensure the longevity of your building’s roof.

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