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All South Sub Contractors Flat Roofs

A flat tire, flat hair, flat soda...all these things are just no good. But have you ever heard of a flat roof? There are many benefits to having All-South Sub Contractors straighten out all of your commercial roofing needs with a flat roof system.

Flat roofs have existed worldwide since ancient times. With the modernization of building materials such as new waterproof roofing, flat roofs soon became a commonly used style of roofing to cover commercial buildings. So, when an owner has to maximize space and use all areas of a building, placing a flat roof on your structure is an important decision.

When considering a new flat roof installation or maintenance and repair on your existing roof, here are some pros and cons:

Installation Time Flat roofs are easier to install. Less time to lay down, less surface area because of the structure of the roof, and less material to use which in turn equals up to more savings for the customer.

Accessibility Flat roofs are easier to inspect or repair. The roof is horizontal and does not have a slope, the accessibility and ease compared to a sloped roof is a plus. Even with a horizontal surface, care and safety should still be in place; after all it’s still a roof.

Material Options The material used to install a flat roof can be a single ply membrane such as EDPM, which is a thermoset - an extremely durable rubber roofing membrane. It can also be PVC or TPO, which are thermoplastics. This single ply membrane can be hot air welded or heat-fused together to form a continuous cover. Another option is a Built Up Roof (BUR) - a multi layered roofing material formed by alternating layers bitumen and fabric or felt., with gravel as the top layer. These types of roofing materials can be installed or repaired by All-South Subcontractors, your one stop company for your commercial roofing needs. Now that’s convenient!

Aesthetics Yes, your roof can actually add appeal to your business. A flat roof can hide the heating and cooling systems. With the proper decking support, the space can be used as an environmentally friendly space - add vegetation or solar panels for energy efficiency or as a leisure spot for employee breaks or entertaining customers.

Like all roofing systems, quality and care during installation is key to the longevity of your roof. Looking for a reputable company, like industry award winning All South Subcontractors is a wise choice.

Drainage A proper slope and drainage system is needed. On a flat, horizontal roofing surface, if drainage is not done correctly, ponding or pooling of water will occur. Ponding or pooling can create a variety of problems for the roof and in the long run compromise the integrity of your roofing materials and sub structure.

Maintenance Your flat roof will require a reseal check and potential repair every few years by a professional roofing company. It is important that the drains be checked to ensure adequate flow and runoff.

Flat roof systems such as EPDM, PVC, TPO or BUR each offer their own respective pros and cons.

Here are five tips for maintaining a flat roof:

Keep roof clean of debris.
.If you have heating and cooling units attached to the roof, have a professional check that they are attached properly so that they do not cause damage to your roofing materials.
Check your draining system for debris; remove any items blocking the run off.
Adhere to the weight bearing limitations.
Have it inspected and do not wait to make any repairs
Don’t forget to contact All-South Sub Contractors; they’re on top of all your roofing needs.

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