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man on commercial roof

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Service And Maintenance

Your building is an investment in your future. Whether it is the home to offices, manufacturing or warehouses, it holds your business under its roof. The business protected under your roofing system is making you money. As such, it should be taken care of like any other investment.

All-South Sub-Contractors has been serving commercial customers since 1957. Our roofing company started out installing acoustic ceilings and drywall. In 1976, we installed the first single-ply roof in Alabama. Since then, we have kept up with the roofing industry as new technology evolved, and installed millions and millions of square feet of commercial roofing of every type.

Single-ply roofing started with one compound and over time became many different compounds and application methods. Commonly called rubber roofing, the single-ply roof is still in use. Because these roofs do wear out over time, our service and maintenance crews will make sure that you are aware of the next steps in maintenance and updating well before you see any issues. We understand that a new roof is a capital investment and requires planning. With proper care, we will assure that your roof lasts as long as possible while planning the next steps to be taken when necessary.

Built-up roofs became the next step in technology, and these roofs are more resilient and durable for the weather we experience in the Southeast area of the United States. A built-up roof is comprised of layers of roofing fiber laid down and adhered to the previous layer with asphalt. These roofs are more wind lift resistant and are also UV and sun resistant.

Lightweight roof decks became another area of expertise as the technology became available, and quickly gained in popularity. The selling point for these decks is the cost-effective application and energy savings produced by this roof. Consisting of materials such as roof decking, insulation boards, concrete, and a lightweight foam, these roofs allow smaller columns and lighter decking. Although low maintenance compared to other methods, these roofs do still need inspection and periodic maintenance. We install Celcore roofs, the top brand of light decking on the market, with the best wind and uplift rating in the industry. These roofs are great options to apply over the current roof when the current type of roof is due for replacement.

Because we know roofing, we know how to properly inspect, service and maintain your roof. We can find issues before they become emergencies. We can do one time inspections on an as needed basis, and we also offer maintenance and inspection contracts to help you ensure that your assets are being cared for properly. With each inspection, you will receive a written report of our findings.

Our service and maintenance crews come to the jobsite equipped with everything they might need to take care of any issues, and are usually scheduled within 24 hours of your call. We have crews positioned all over our six states of coverage; Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our crews consist of some of the very best and most experienced roofers in the region, and many of them have been with All-South for many years. Their dedication to their craft and our company give us a base of experience and customer dedication not found in many companies. We are completely dedicated to finding a first-time customer and making them a life-long customer.

When you entertain the idea of finding a contractor to manage your building maintenance, be sure that you get the best contractor available. For the roof, that means All-South Sub-Contractors. Our experience and dedication mean your peace of mind. Our inspections and maintenance mean you will sleep well when the wind howls and the rain pelts the ground. Our service and repairs will mean that you rest easy when hurricane season begins. Our goal is to turn your peace of mind into another satisfied customer.

Give All-South Sub-Contractors a call and get an initial inspection scheduled today. We will conduct the inspection, present our findings, discuss your roof’s current condition, make you aware of any issues needing immediate or scheduled service and show you how to plan for regularly scheduled inspection, service, and maintenance.

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