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All South Sub Contractors Leak Investigation

We understand that if you are reading this page, you are probably not in a good mood. The worst thing that can happen to a commercial roof is a leak. Your assets and employees are at risk! So, let’s discuss the process.

Obviously, you suspect an issue. You may have noticed a wet spot in a walkway or in some other area or heard a dripping sound. You may have felt more humidity in an area.

It is possible that during a routine inspection, your maintenance team noted irregularities while doing a walk-down. These changes may have been as the result of a storm, hurricane, tornado, torrential rain, or gale-force winds. Damage could also be caused by something blowing across the top of your structure, or dropping on it.

It could be that you're covering is nearing the end of its life, and you are concerned about break downs. As it ages, natural breakdown occurs from weather and UV rays. Staying ahead of the curve will allow you to have some notice, allowing for you to plan such a large expenditure. By watching the aging process, you may be able to do a temporary repair which will allow you to schedule the big repair or replacement to occur during better weather or when your capital monies are available.

Another reason for an inspection is that you already have a maintenance contract with us, and our trained crew has seen something which would warrant a further investigation.

When our crew arrives to do the examination, we will walk every area of your rooftop. Our teams have been working with these roofs since the first rubber one in the state of Alabama was installed by our original crew. We understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type. We know how and where the leaks develop, and what to look for.

If we have been doing these inspections since it was put on, or since you became our customer, we have a baseline. We are aware of any trouble spots which were either repaired or were put on a watch list.

Once we have the physical examination of your building cover done, we check the exposed areas on the interior, looking for any signs of water or indicated leaking. If you have concerns, we will investigate those as well.

If we find no issues which should concern you, we give a clean analysis report for your files and schedule another examination based on the age of your building cover.

If we have concerns, we will report them, along with our recommended solutions. We understand that your building is an expensive capital asset, and repairs made early will extend the life of your rooftop, sometimes by many years. A simple repair may be all that is needed, followed by regular checks on that area during the later inspections.

Once we present our findings and discuss the plan of action, we will schedule our crew to do the work. If there is urgency, we will make it a priority. Our crews roll on-site with one of our company trucks, stocked with everything they need to do repairs. With many years of accumulated experience, our employees are selected from the best in the industry. Our crews adopt the philosophy that they are able to create a life-long customer, based solely on their handling of customer contact. By maintaining open communication, respecting the customer’s time, money, and property, being dependable and knowledgeable, our team can build a relationship which will last beyond the current work.

Following up our work with a schedule of assessments based on the type of covering you have, the age of that it, and its condition, we can ensure that your roofing is watertight. We can check for any issues on a regular basis, and take that worry from you. We will schedule follow-ups at your convenience, but we will initiate that contact. What we offer is a worry-free program which ensures the care of your roof, and the extension of its useful life by properly inspecting and caring for it.

If you have any concerns regarding your roofing, call us.

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