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Commercial Roofing

The term “single-ply roofing” may be used for any of several types of compounds manufactured into flexible sheets, which use several methods of attachment to your roof. Because of the many options and combinations available, these roofs are versatile and can be adapted to most applications.

Roof Repairs & Service

Since 1976 when we installed Alabama’s first single-ply roof, we have put on over 70 million square feet of single-ply roofing membrane. In 1989, we added another method to our offerings: built-up roofing. If you need a commercial roof installed, we have the knowledge and experience.


All-South installs Celcore Lightweight Insulating concrete. This brand has the highest wind and uplift rating in the industry. In the south-east, wind can be a serious issue and this roof answers the call for extreme wind resistance and durability.

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